Transformational Teacher

When your inner life and your outer life are fully aligned, a radiantly joyful life will blossom. Whether you need a hand to help you up or a fire under your seat, you’ve found it here.
Let the transformation begin.

Soulful Speaker

beachpix-1It’s about time to ditch that pesky story that’s been hanging on for far too long and find yourself some more suitable partners. Let’s bring what’s in the dark to a safe well-lighted place. And dance. Learn More.

Spiritual Adventure Guide

bali-jungleSurround yourself with things that beautify, enlighten and tickle, and your life will reflect it. Journey to the exotic reaches of the planet, or the soft hearth of your soul. Adventure, either way. Begin your adventure.



Latest Posts

The Big Game

Posted on February 6, 2016

Please excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming. (Don’t worry. Today’s post is short and sweet to get you back to your big screen and crunchy snacks.) A certain game might be front of mind for you today, but I’m talking about the REAL game… called LIFE. (Not the board game,…

The Art of Change

Posted on January 30, 2016

Does it hurt when a snake sheds its skin? Or when a caterpillar liquefies to transform into a butterfly? I wonder. Because my life has felt like a consistent shedding, liquefying and re-forming. Usually there is a marked improvement (ooooh – pretty wings!) but sometimes not (eeew – from vibrant green to…

A Curious Case of Writer’s Block

Posted on January 17, 2016

I’ve never had writer’s block. In fact, I categorized it with the many things I don’t believe in at all (e.g. Easter bunny, moon landing, terrible two’s, etc…). Two months ago I made a public declaration (as a requirement for the upcoming completion of my Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology) that I…

Secret Ingredients

Posted on October 24, 2015

I’m in the opening stretch of a very busy time, and only getting busier. I feel my body wanting to brace for impact, and it takes diligence to keep telling myself to lean in and soften. It’s so easy to spiral into the impossibility of it all – too many to-do’s for…