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When your inner life and your outer life are fully aligned, a radiantly joyful life will blossom. Whether you need a hand to help you up or a fire under your seat, you’ve found it here.
Let the transformation begin.

Soulful Speaker

beachpix-1It’s about time to ditch that pesky story that’s been hanging on for far too long and find yourself some more suitable partners. Let’s bring what’s in the dark to a safe well-lighted place. And dance. Learn More.

Spiritual Adventure Guide

bali-jungleSurround yourself with things that beautify, enlighten and tickle, and your life will reflect it. Journey to the exotic reaches of the planet, or the soft hearth of your soul. Adventure, either way. Begin your adventure.



Latest Posts

Bold Moves vs. Baby Steps

Posted on May 18, 2015

Bold moves are great. I’ve employed them in nearly every aspect of my life – career, relationships, health. They are declarative, attention-getting, powerful statements of being and arriving. I am reminded of the Star Trek episodes of my youth, where one could move from Point A to Point Z (without ever passing…

The Pursuit of Unhappiness*

Posted on May 15, 2015

*No, that’s not a typo. Who would ever pursue UNhappiness??   You would. I would. Everyone we’ve ever known would.   Perhaps that doesn’t make a stitch of sense. You’re right. Happiness has a whole lot of caché. It’s the hot thing, the hip thing, the new black. Even His Holiness The Dalai…

Coffee and Course Correcting

Posted on April 29, 2015
coffee heart

I just recently started drinking coffee. You might find that unremarkable. Coffee is the most widely enjoyed beverage/drug/hobby in the world. What’s remarkable, or maybe just interesting, is that my behavior change comes after a lifetime of finding the smell, taste and effects of coffee completely unappealing. I grew up in a…

A Love Note… For You

Posted on April 20, 2015
love note

My beloved reader, I know that you’re here because something hurts. I’m here because I’ve also had that hurt. I don’t claim that mine is the same as yours, although it might be, but that in my own journey to heal I’ve discovered so many ways of feeling better that I am…