"It's about the things in life that feed your soul. The things that make you feel good on the inside. It's about doing the most with what you have. For me that means baking with quality ingredients and giving back. But it took me some time to figure that out. Prior to Feed Your Soul, I was a trader on the American Stock Exchange and was going to law school in the evenings. Life was busy, but it was time to do something more meaningful…something that would give me passion and purpose… and feeding people was close to my heart. So I decided to create a business that would serve as a vehicle to give back. I chose cookies because they make people happy … they’re a timeless treat and they’re so easy to share. Today, we offer a premium line of cookies, bars and other innovative desserts. We take pride in our process, our facility, our team, our products, and our mission to give back. We bake integrity into everything we do.

- Mya Zoracki, founder"

OUR mission


Why Feed Your Soul? It’s simple. No matter who you are, we’re all hungry for the same thing – happiness. So everything we do, sell, or create, is designed to make people happy. And for every item you purchase, we pay it forward by helping to provide the basics so other people can be happy, too. Since 2005, we have been partnering with organizations like Coalition for the Homeless in New York City to help provide cookies and meals to those in need. So with every bite, you can feel good, not just because our quality ingredients feed your hunger….they also feed your soul.
OUR impact
In 2020, WE DONATED 23,000 COOKIES AND 20,000 MEALS

That amounts to 60 COOKIES AND 55 MEALS per day.
"Your donations have really made a big difference to everyone in all of our departments....the kids are really thrilled to have the cookies because they normally don't get those kinds of special treats. The Director of our After School program is also so pleased to have this partnership because they can now celebrate kids' birthdays every month with the cookies you donate. This may seem like a small gesture, but your donations are greatly appreciated by everyone here."
- Coalition for the Homeless
OUR values

When you do what you love, the energy is contagious. Feed Your Soul is passionate about doing what matters. For us, this means feeding those we love and giving back to our community and the world around us.

We are here to earn your trust and your loyalty. We care about the ingredients we use, the people we employ and the relationships we create. When you enter our bakery, our café or purchase one of our online treats, we welcome you as family.

If we had a cookie for every time someone told us “no”… Some call it tenacity. Some call it delusional optimism. We have taken steps forward and steps backward. They only made us stronger. They made us who we are. They made us understand the importance of doing what feeds your soul.

Feed Your Soul is truly a sum of its parts. We are grateful for our team and we are grateful for YOU. We are grateful to be alive and to do what we love.

We start each day with ambition and hope. We know that anything is possible and every step leads us closer to our goals.