Unique Valentine's Day Ideas She Will Remember

February 07, 2017




When it comes to Valentine’s Day, things can get pretty overwhelming.

They say you can't buy love, but falling short on Valentine’s Day can leave the lady in your life feeling disappointed and left out.

Most women don’t want flowers or heart shaped jewelry. It’s been done time and time again. Women want unique gifts.

They want something thought out and surprising.

They want that one moment out of the year to feel close to you.

With the big day approaching, here are some simple ideas that are incredibly sweet and thoughtful that will leave her smiling.

An Evening of Decadence and Luxury

What says decadence better than chocolate? Nothing.

The heart shaped chocolate boxes are okay but they scream, “I PICKED THESE UP ON THE WAY HOME AT A GAS STATION”  Try something new this year. The 3 Tier Chocolate Lover’s Tin is an absolute dream. Premium chocolatey goodness delivered right to her door and perfectly packaged for her to enjoy.   


EXTRA CREDIT: After dinner, run her a bath and poor her a glass of red wine to savor with her sweets.

Netflix and Chill… but first turn off all electronics

Not silent. OFF.

Turn the phone off and while you’re at it turn off the iPad and the laptop. BOTH OF YOU.

Be in the moment together.

Show her no email is more important than your time together.


EXTRA CREDIT: Set up a cuddle zone with blankets, pillows and comfy socks. Let her pick the flick, dim the lights and have snacks already prepared. Check these out.

Make her a dinner catered to her diet

That’s right fellas, channel your inner Gordon Ramsey and make her a beautiful meal catered to her likes. Couples always have to make compromises when it comes to meals. This is a night to be adventurous and put her taste buds in front of your own.

Fry that tofu to perfection.

Challenge yourself to make a meal with no gluten.

No meat? No problem.


Start practicing now and show her you’ve got some culinary moves up your sleeve.


EXTRA CREDIT: One word: Dessert. Check out these Vegan Brownies and Vegan Brownie Sundaes.

For more inspiration, see our Valentine’s Day Gift Assortments.

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