The Big Game

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life as a gamePlease excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming. (Don’t worry. Today’s post is short and sweet to get you back to your big screen and crunchy snacks.)

A certain game might be front of mind for you today, but I’m talking about the REAL game… called LIFE. (Not the board game, either.)

No balls, hoops, goals or uniforms needed. Which doesn’t mean you can show up unprepared. You’ll need strategy, smarts, self-awareness and a significant dose of surrender. (My recipe also calls for a dollop of sass.)

Viewing life as a game translates into a lighthearted determination that meets whatever arises with curiosity.

It means looking at your life as an exploration, an experiment, a joyful series of reveals. (As the grand poobah of coaching, Steve Chandler, says, life is a choice between GAME or SHAME.)

It redefines obstacles as opportunities.

Games are exciting and fun, especially if the outcome is unknown beforehand. Messiness, tumbles and bumps are all part of the enjoyment.


If the halftime show is a snooze, maybe take a moment to ponder a few questions about your particular game.

  • What team are you playing on?
  • What are you defending or protecting?
  • Where is your goal line?
  • Why did you put it there?
  • What is it going to take to get there?
  • How is uncertainty holding you back?
  • How have you defined ‘winning’?
  • In what ways are you NOT playing full out?
  • How can you make it more fun?


I’ll raise some nachos to that.


P.S. Will you be on my team?

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