The Art of Change

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Does it hurt when a snake sheds its skin?

Or when a caterpillar liquefies to transform into a butterfly?

I wonder.

Because my life has felt like a consistent shedding, liquefying and re-forming. Usually there is a marked improvement (ooooh – pretty wings!) but sometimes not (eeew – from vibrant green to muddy brown).

The impulse to evolve is relentless. That comfy position you created for yourself is sitting on quicksand.

There’s been a transformation brewing in my Universe. I’m birthing a blue whale, people!

For approximately the past year, I’ve sensed that itchy discomfort you get when your skin doesn’t fit anymore. It was time to grow into the next version of me.

I was not ready.

I felt as if I had just arrived at this iteration, and was just starting to feel at home.

But the Universe had different plans. I was called to make some drastic changes in my habits to address some health issues.

I was given the grand opportunity to take the deep dive into love and partnership.

An expanded view of my work and its impact on my client’s lives led to a major re-definition of my web presence (not to mention saying goodbye to the professional image I had nurtured since birth).

It all hurt, even just a little bit (and sometimes lots more than that).

Growth can be painful. It’s supposed to. (That’s how we know it’s growth.)

But it’s the good kind of hurt, like how your body feels after a workout.

My tiny little bird of a daughter sprouted into a full-sized human being seemingly overnight. She tells me she feeeeeels it… in her bones and muscles. I believe her.

And even the non-physical growth I’m currently experiencing is accompanied by an ache, somewhere between my heart and my gut.

Birthing a blue whale is serious business. After a year of gestation, you’ve got to actually push the thing out.

It’s almost time.

Being terrible at keeping secrets means I’m letting some leak. (Can you hear my giddy laughter?)

Here goes…










The project, nearing its end, feels like a fabulous gift, perfectly wrapped. It’s got a sprinkle of ‘change is hard’ and great, big handfuls of YAY!

What do you think of the new look?

It’s still me, perhaps a bit clearer, stronger and more determined. I’ve seen miracles happen – too many to name – and I would love for you to be part of it.

With every invitation to change, grow and transform we have a choice. Many choices, actually.


When you are being called to create a new way, a new you, what will you do? Will you birth your own blue whale?

I hope so.


I’ll be here to support you the whole way. Just ask.


Did I mention YAY?



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