Shocks and Resets

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pool jumpJust a few days ago, I went from the surprising heat wave in the Pacific Northwest to the surprising raininess of central New Jersey. It effectively shocked me into summer. I’ve been able to slow down, relish the extra time with my loved ones, and be nourished by all the goodies this season brings. I could have easily held onto the frenzy and disarray of spring had I not been forced into a new perspective.


Sometimes we glide into and through transitions, and sometimes we’re dropped into them like a cannonball into a cold pool.


Today’s message is brief but powerful, inspired by one of the people who inspires me the most.


I was recently on a whining binge about my family, detailing all they had done wrong. My bestie immediately shut me up with one statement:


“What I see, Pascale, is an immense amount of good that’s now in the world because your family was crazy. I’d call that a blessing.”


Of course I know this… that my struggles forged me into the person I am now. And they will continue to make me better, stronger and more capable. To hear it again, stated so simply and in the middle of a complaint storm, was still disarming.


Everything that happens to me is in service to my growth as a fully realized being, even when it feels like I am being torn down.


Let yourself be carved and molded by the blades of life, and a work of unspeakable beauty will be revealed. (Tweet that.)




We’ve just finished up the first run of COURSE-CORRECTING: 30 Days to a Better Destination. It was one of the funnest things I’ve done (and the participants liked it too!).


Here’s what someone had to say:


“This experience could not have come at a more appropriate time in my life.  It allowed me to gain clarity on what’s going on and gave me insight to where I need to go and more importantly “let go”.  I truly appreciate you offering such a wonderful gift!”

Melissa V., Warren, N.J.


I’ll be running it again in the fall, and I’d love for you to join me. Find out more information here and get on the early notification list. It can be just the plunge that resets your direction and outlook.

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